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  • HP DM16100CB 4.7GB DVD-Rs, 100-ct Spindle
  • HP DRW04025CB 4.7GB DVD+RWs, 25-pk Spindle
  • MAXELL 638014 4.7GB DVD-Rs (100-ct)
  • MAXELL 639016 4.7GB DVD+Rs (100-ct Spindle)
  • MAXELL 648720 - CDRPW100PKS 700MB 80-Minute Printable CD-Rs, 100-ct Spindle
  • PHILIPS CDRW8012/550 700MB CD-RWs, 25-ct Spindle
  • PHILIPS DR4S6B00F/17 4.7GB 16x DVD+Rs (100-ct Cake Box Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 94554 700MB 80-Minute 52x CD-Rs (100-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 94691 700MB 80-Minute 52x CD-Rs (50-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 94755 700MB 80-Minute 52x DataLifePlus CD-Rs, 50-ct Spindle
  • VERBATIM 94854 4.7GB 8x DataLifePlus White Inkjet Printable/Hub Printable DVD-Rs, 50-ct Spindle
  • VERBATIM 94892 80-Minute/700MB 52x DatalifePlus Silver Inkjet Printable CD-Rs, 50-ct Spindle
  • VERBATIM 95037 4.7GB DVD+Rs (50-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 95079 4.7GB DataLifePlus DVD-Rs, 50-ct Spindle
  • VERBATIM 95098 4.7GB DVD+Rs (100-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 95101 4.7GB DVD-Rs (50-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 95102 4.7GB DVD-Rs (100-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 95484 8.5GB Dual-Layer DVD+Rs (15-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 96542 8.5GB Dual-Layer DVD+Rs (30-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 97019 80-Minute/700MB 52x DatalifePlus White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-Rs, Wrapped 100 pk
  • VERBATIM 97335 BD-R DL 50GB 6X Branded Blu-ray Discs(R), 10-ct Spindle
  • VERBATIM 97457 25GB 6x Blu-ray Disc(R) BD-R (25-ct Spindle)
  • VERBATIM 98480 700MB 80-Minute 52x CD-Rs, 100 pk

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