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If your device doesn't hold a charge, it's most likely the battery. The easiest way to find out which battery you need is to type in your battery or device model number into our SEARCH box above. You may need to press "Enter/Return" to see full results.


Digital Camera Battery, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

Sony CyberShot, Nikon, Kodak, GoPro, Minolta, Panasonic, JVC, Olympus, Konica, Samsung - we've got all of the major brands!Use our search above to find your battery. Everything below is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Click here is you're looking for primary (disposable) lithium camera batteries like CR123, 2CR5, CR2, CR-P2, or CR-V3.

  • Ultralast Sony Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery - ULNPBG1
  • Nikon Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery | CAM-ENEL14
  • Kodak Li-Ion Rechargeable Replacement Battery KLIC7004
  • Sony Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery Sony CyberShot NP-BX1 Replacement | Ultralast CAM-BX1
  • JVC,  Panasonic(R) PV-BP18 Camcorder Replacement Battery | CAM-692
  • Minolta NP-200 Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery - ULNP200
  • Sony Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery NP-FW50 | CAM-FW50
  • Olympus Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery - CAM-LI90B
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-786 Replaces Nikon - EN-EL12
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BP511 Replaces Digipower - BP-CN511, Empire - BLI-193
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-ENEL19 Replaces Nikon - EN-EL19
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-LI42B Replaces Digipower - BP-NKL10, Empire - BLI-311
  • Konica / Minolta NP-900 Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery - CAM-NP900
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BLM01 Replaces Digipower - BP-LM1, Empire - BLI-240, Lenmar - DLOM1
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BX1 Replaces Sony - NP-BX1
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-FM50 Replaces Digipower - BP-FM50, Empire - BLI-180
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-NB4L Replaces Digipower - BP-CN4L, Empire - BLI-256, Lenmar - DLC4L
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-783 Replaces Digipower - BP-NKL9, Empire - BLI-304
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-ATC9K Replaces Oregon Scientific - B-ATC9K
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BCE10 Replaces Empire - BLI-319, Lenmar - DLPCE10
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BCF10E Replaces Panasonic - DMW-BCF10
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BG1 Replaces Empire - BLI-287, Interstate - DIG0003
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BP70A Replaces Samsung - BP-70A
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-BPL13 Replaces Empire - BLI-162
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-ENEL3E Replaces Digipower - BP-NKL3e, Empire - BLI-293
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-F550 Replaces Empire - BLI-153-1.5C, Lenmar - DLS550
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-FLI7 Replaces FLIR - 1950986
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-FM500H Replaces Sony - NP-FM500H Internal, Interstate - DIG0061
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-FW50 Replaces Sony - NP-FW50
  • Digital Camera Battery CAM-KLIC7003 Replaces Digipower - BP-KD73, Empire - BLI-310

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