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FDK CR12600SE 3V Lithium Battery is a high-capacity cylindrical-type Primary Lithium Battery with a bobbin structure and laser-sealing. The CR12600SE CR2NP uses Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry for a high energy density and a wide operating temperature range of -40í«̴́C to + 85í«̴́C. Self discharge is low at less than 0.5% per annum at 20í«̴́C, giving an effective shelf life of 10 years. This CR12600SE CR2NP 3V Lithium battery is widely used in numerical control systems, personal computers and other electronics applications. FDK CR12600SE 3V Lithium Battery Specifications: Type: Lithium Voltage: 3.0V Amperage: 1400mAh Length: 2.36 in. Diameter: 0.45 in. Terminals: STD Terminals FDK CR12600SE 3V Lithium Battery Replaces: 030013006, CR12600SE, DL2N, SLICR12600SE, CR2N, CR-2N, CR2NP, CR-2NP, DL2N, DL-2N, CR1200SE T, Dantona COMP3P, Data General MV15000, Draeger Medical Inc CPU BOARD, Draeger Medical Inc EVITA XL (MEMORY), Energy+ CR12600SE, Interstate Batteries ALIT1907, Nihon Kohden 8350, Panasonic CR12600SE, Sanyo CR12600SE, Unipower B01653

Replaces These Model Numbers

  • COMP-3
  • CR12600SE/COMP-3
  • Dantona COMP3P
  • Data General MV15000
  • Draeger Medical Inc CPU BOARD
  • Draeger Medical Inc EVITA XL (MEMORY)
  • Energy+ CR12600SE
  • Interstate Batteries ALIT1907
  • Nihon Kohden 8350
  • Panasonic CR12600SE
  • Sanyo CR12600SE
  • Sanyo CR2NP
  • Unipower B01653

  • FDK CR12600SE CR2NP 3V Laser Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery

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