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  • AUTO-MATE 3808A AM 1 Security Upgrade to Factory Keyless Entry
  • AVITAL 2101L 2101L Keyless Entry with 2 Remotes
  • AVITAL 3100L 3100 1-Way Security System with Siren
  • AVITAL 3100LX 3100 1-Way Security System without Siren
  • AVITAL 4003L OEM Add-on Remote-Start System for Factory Keyless Entry Systems
  • AVITAL 4103LX Remote Start with Two 4-Button Remotes
  • AVITAL 4113LX Remote Start with Two 1-Button Remotes
  • AVITAL 4115L 4115L Remote Start System with Two 1-Button Remotes
  • AVITAL 5105L 5105L 1-Way Security & Remote-Start System with D2D
  • AVITAL 5303L LCD 2-Way Security with Remote Start & D2D
  • AVITAL 5305L 5305L 2-Way Security & Remote-Start System with D2D
  • AVITAL 7143L 4-Button Replacement Remote ASK Transmitter
  • AVITAL 7345L 7345L LCD 2-Way 4-Button Replacement ASK Transmitter
  • AVITAL 7352L 2-Way 5-Button Replacement Remote ASK HHU
  • BOYO APassTouch A-Pass Touch Keyless Entry
  • CRIMESTOPPER EVO-ALL EVO-ALL All-in-One Data Data Bypass & Interface Module
  • CRIMESTOPPER FLU-100.2 FlashLink(TM) Firmware Updating Tool USB Module
  • CRIMESTOPPER INT-SL+ Self-Learning Web Update Plus
  • CRIMESTOPPER KEYOVERRIDEALL Key Override Databus Data Port
  • CRIMESTOPPER REVO1.1 REVO-1 One-Button RF Add-on Kit
  • CRIMESTOPPER REVO4.1 REVO-4.1 Five-Button RF Add-on Kit
  • CRIMESTOPPER RS-00G5 Cool Start(TM) Add-on Remote-Start Module for OEM Systems
  • CRIMESTOPPER RS-1G5 Cool Start(TM) 1-Way Single-Button Remote Start with Unlock System
  • CRIMESTOPPER RS2-G3 Cool Start(TM) 2-Way FM/FM LED Single-Button Remote-Start & Keyless-Entry System
  • CRIMESTOPPER RS7-G5 Cool Start(TM) 2-Way FM/FM LCD Paging Remote-Start & Keyless-Entry System with Trunk Pop
  • CRIMESTOPPER SP-101 1-Way Alarm & Keyless-Entry System
  • CRIMESTOPPER SP-202 1-Way Dynamic-Code Alarm & Keyless-Entry System
  • CRIMESTOPPER SP-302 2-Way LCD Paging Alarm & Keyless-Entry System with Rechargeable Remote
  • CRIMESTOPPER SP-502 2-Way LCD Paging Combo Alarm, Keyless-Entry & Remote-Start System with Rechargeable Remote
  • Directed Digital DSS4X10 Directed SmartStart(R) GPS Digital Remote-Start System

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