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If your device doesn't hold a charge, it's most likely the battery. The easiest way to find out which battery you need is to type in your battery or device model number into our SEARCH box above. You may need to press "Enter/Return" to see full results.


  • SAFT LS14250 | 3.6V | 1/2 AA Lithium Battery | LS-14250 LITHXL-050F | LITHLS14250BA
  • SAFT LS14500 | 3.6V | AA Lithium Battery | LS-14500 LITHXL-060F | LITHLS14500BA
  • Cordless Phone Battery BATT-511NMH Replaces ERP511GRN HHR-P402, HHR-P402A
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-366 Replaces 23-298, 2414, 3300, 3301
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-318 Replaces P-P501, KX-A36
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-103 Replaces Panasonic HHR-P103
  • Two Way Radio Battery EBFRS-KEBT071 Fits Motorola TalkAbout T4800
  • Flashlight Battery EBFLB-NCD-1 3.6V NiCad Replaces Streamlight 75175
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-2419 Fits & Replaces AT&T GP70AAAH3BX
  • 1500 mAh Replacement Power Tool Battery for Skil - 2040, 2131, 2207, 2211, 2236, 2237, 2273, 2425
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-305 Fits and Replaces HHR-P505
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-958 Replaces GP GP60AAAH3BMJ
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-107 Replaces HHR-P107, TYPE-35
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-337 Replaces 40AAK3BMX, 60AAH3BMX
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-399 Replaces BP-T23, BP-T93, CB0399
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-446 Replaces BBTY0457001
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-BT3 Replaces BBTY0545001, BT0003
  • Ultrafire 16340 Protected Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-312 Replaces Panasonic P-P303
  • Multi-Function 4 slot Li-ion/LiFePO4/NiMH/NiCD AA/AAA Battery Charger
  • Otoscope Medical Battery For Welch Allyn 71000A 71000C 71020A 71020C
  • Pager Battery EBPR-RLN5707 Fits Motorola Minitor 5, Minitor V5
  • 2400mAh Replacement Power Tool Battery for Skil 2040, 2131, 2207, 2211, 2236, 2237, 2273, 2425
  • Cordless Phone Battery EBCP-990 Replaces BT-990, CPB-466, CSBP990CL
  • SAFT LS26500 - 26500 - 3.6v 7200mAh - 15 Count
  • Barcode Scanner Battery EBS-LS4278 Fits Symbol LS4278
  • Emergency Lighting Battery Fits Sure-Lites 026-148, 26-148, LPX70RWH
  • Otoscope Medical Battery For Welch Allyn 72200 72207 11720 11730 71022
  • Cordless Phone Battery BATT-2419 Fits & Replaces AT&T GP70AAAH3BX | Ultralast®UL419
  • 3.6V Lithium PLC Computer Backup Battery Replaces ER17/33WKP A6BAT

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AA & AAA Camera: Primary Lithium Cordless Phone CR123 Keyless Entry & Watch Laptop

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