Call2Recycle Your Batteries

Call2Recycle Your Batteries

We know that savvy battery shoppers like our customers are thoughtful about where they buy their batteries, but we encourage you to be thoughtful about where you dispose them too. There are several organizations and efforts worldwide to collect batteries to not only recycle them but keep the dangerous chemicals that many of them contain out of the environment.

One great option to consider is Call2Recycle, a recycler that has dropoff locations all around the United States and Canada. They even offer a program to let you easily start a new collection location of your own. Many larger companies are even starting internal collection sites to help ensure their company can be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our only complaint is that many locations do not collect single use alkaline or lithium batteries. All of the locations in Vermont accept them, but elsewhere, it varies, and most of the ones we checked did not. But that should not deter you from making as much of a positive impact as you can!

They also accept cellphones, though many are opting to drop their old smartphones at the “ecoATMs” setup in places like grocery stores that will accept old phones and give a small rebate. Most will not get more than a few dollars, but it’s a low effort way to do something both responsible and rewarding. Please note, however, that the Samsung Note 7 batteries should only be returned to Samsung directly.

While we of course encourage our readers to find other ways to be more environmentally friendly, recycling batteries is one of the most impactful things you can do, and Call2Recycle makes it easy to work into your routine. With many collection sites at places like The Home Depot and Best Buy, it’s easy to find ways to work your recycling into your day-to-day life so it just becomes a matter of setting them aside for the next time you go shopping at some of your favorite spots.

If we all work together, we can make a big impact. As Tesla is demonstrating with the Powerwall, we can work towards a future where batteries are part of the solution, not the problem. We are committed to helping our customers find easy ways to help make that happen.

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