Are Your Batteries Living a Lie?

Are Your Batteries Living a Lie?

When people think knock-off goods, often their mind goes to handbags and sunglasses. However, one of the most counterfeited consumer goods is batteries. While the fakes may work, they never have the same level of charge or quality control as their legitimate counterparts.

Though faulty AAs may not pose as much of a danger as a Note 7, they are more prone to leaks. If you’ve ever opened the battery compartment of your remote to find them coated in white crystals, you know how frustrating it can be. Energizer even offers a no leak guarantee, and will replace electronics damaged if their batteries leak.

This kind of insurance might give a lot of consumers peace of mind, but the guarantee only applies to legitimate Energizer batteries. Many people have bought Energizer batteries online specifically for this guarantee, only to find themselves out of luck because Energizer is better at determining whether or not a battery is a fake than they are.

A lot of people wrongly think if it came in an Amazon box, they’re safe. However, there are a lot of reports the past several months about even the “Fulfilled by Amazon” program being rife with counterfeit goods, so even those 9-volts you got through Prime aren’t safe!

You might even encounter these batteries in retail. If you’re like me, in the past, you bought a bunch of batteries at a store where everything is a dollar, thinking you had gotten the deal of the century, only for your calculator to die in the middle of your calculus exam.

Many fakes have a worthwhile amount of charge when they are fresh, but the big players in the industry have invested a lot of research and development money into making sure that there is little appreciable loss of charge for years after they leave the factory.

This is why the deal-conscious shopper who is happy to change out their key fob’s batteries more than once a year should still steer clear of fakes at all costs: it only is economical if they are both fresh and used up quickly. Even if a seller gives you expiration dates, if they’re selling counterfeits, the dates will likely be as fake as the product itself!

The great news is that there are companies like us,, that can both guarantee the authenticity of our products and offer you prices below what you will pay in the grocery store. We take our supply chain seriously and only partner with the most trustworthy vendors to ensure that we can stand by every single battery in our warehouses.